Friday, December 12, 2008

dealing with own chastity

Young people asks if premarital sex is normal and acceptable in our days?
I would like to share this message I read from the Watchtower Society, an organisation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

He that is dealing with the stupid ones, fare badly.
Proverbs 13;20.

CHASTITY has to do with individual`s moral cleanliness or purity.
All too many people today put a low value on their own chastity.
Some regard it as an old fashion notion, one that does not fit on a modern life style.
Thus they gave it up in a small return.
Some trade in their chastity for a few moments of sexual gratification.
Others sacrifice it in hopes of acquiring greater standing in the eyes of their peers or a member of an opposite sex.
Many discover too late just how valuable a possesion their chastity realy was.
As the Bible puts it,the after effects of immorality can be like a poison -> as bitter as wormwood. ( see Proverbs 5;3,4)

In view of today`s corrupt moral climate,how can you cherish and maintain your chastity.
As the above text suggests,we need to exercise care in our choice of associations.
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