Friday, July 16, 2010

A nation without a country

The English and Tagalog language assembly /convention/association held in Paris, France last July 2,3,4, 2010. I was there... The theme of the convention was:
Remain Close to God, Jehovah.

Please see our photos, puro ako, hahaha.

During the Program, a drama was going on

with my sister, niece and fiance;

Who are we? We are the Witnesses of Jehovah God, the true God, our Creator,the God of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, of the Israelites,Father of Jesus.

Jehovah's Witnesses are;

The ones who would knock on your door to offer you free bible studies at your convenient time.
Worldwide, we preach VOLUNTARILY of the good news from the Bible, we attend meetings twice a week, we attend assemblies organised by Bethel, the headquarters of each country. We base the teachings only from the Bible.

Bon. This is another reason, why we were in Paris.

Attendance that day were 1628 baptized Witnesses.
Just only for the English and Tagalog speaking Congregations in France.

Next week Michel and I and Marghie (with Anjo) if his work allows him, we will be in Marseille France, for three days assembly, in French Language.French speaking witnesses for South of France are, composed of 2500++ brothers and sisters.Some are from other countries,visiting or assisting the assembly.

With the world we are leaving now, where injustice and corruption and critical times sometimes hard to deal with, we need our Creator to guide us how to lead our life according to his Laws.We try to conform our life with what the Bible says.

If you happen to spot a mobile stand of a Jehovah's Witness, ask for your copy of the magazines, books, or bible. You can have it for free.And if you want to know your Bible, in 30minutes once a week through a visit of a Jehovah's witness, you will learn and might finish understanding the whole Bible in one year.

Ask. You are welcome.