Sunday, November 26, 2006


What will you be doing today? Will you be going to work? Attending school? Running errands?Whatever you will be doing today, please drop by here, I got something for good reflections.

No greater cause for thankfulness do I have than these things, that I should be hearing that my children go on walking in the truth.(3 John 4)

Being a family head in this wicked world is a challenge. Satan and his demons endeavor to destroy the spiritality of God's servants.Moreover, there are a lot of pressure on you, parents, especially on single parents.It is difficult to find the time you wanted to do.But it is worth the effort, even if you can only apply one suggestion /advice at a time to improve your family get together towards God.

Seeing those who walk loyally towards God' way is a heartwarming reward. To walk succesfully in God's way together family members need to find joy in family bible study, going to mass(spiritual reunions)and share in "evangelising" work. For that to be true,preparation is required- preparation that builds up the heart and that equips each one to have a meaningful share.
How do you feed your family spiritually?

Monday, November 20, 2006

More experiences

I went out again with Michel to "evangelize". I enjoyed it, the weather in Nice beach area was good, 20° so why stay at home?

1. A lady passed by in front of our magazine stand and looked. She left after a few seconds. She dropped her scarf while walking away and Michel called her. She heard him but she didnt look back. Michel called again, Madame, s'il vous plait (if you please) still she didnt bother. When Michel mentioned: your scarf, Madame, she stopped looked back smile apologitically...

2. Michel said Bonjour( hello/good day) to a couple. The husband said: Jehovah's Witness? Noooo! He continued his walk. Michel said: Monsiuer, I just said Hello...
The wife smiled back, get the idea that her husband is impolite.

3. A black lady passed by, look in our display and held the book: what the bible really teaches (qu'ensiegne réellement la bible).She was interested that I said to her, she can have the book for free. She said: does it matter? I am a protestant. I told her: its is alright, take it, as my gift for you. She was happy. She said to Michel, you and your wife are both courageous to do this type of work .I cant have your courage, althoug I would like to do the same.
We told her, we work for our God Jehovah , so there's no shame in that,and He is your God too. Thats His name.

She continued discussing with us , she said she is a teacher in a university in Nice and she read the Bible (as she is a protestant) but she wants to know how Jehovah's Witnesses view the Bible. She gave us her phone number and we gave ours...

4. A man in harley davidson jacket joked at us: "I wonder what God would do to us if we dont pay our taxes, as its month again to pay taxes in France? What do you think?" Michel got his idea that he was talking about Mitterand, as joked as a God of France in one of the newspaper, lol! We just laugh him off and he said bye bye.
What can we do with people like that ey?

Thats all for today, keep visiting, there will be more...


I went out for "evangelising" again because I dont work today Nov.19 as it is holiday in Monaco, Montecarlo.Here are some of our amusing experience again.

1.I was with a co JW and we had our mobile stand of displayed magasines. Two Arab boys stopped and looked and said: "Can I have this magazine? This is my language." I said," yes, with pleasure." Then he said, "Olahhh, this is arabic but not my language!" So I proposeD another ARABIC magazine, he read it, explaining in french, but still was not convince it is his language.So I said, must be the same with my country, there are lots of languages, hein? He then ask for french language magazine and I gave him:
PORNOGRAPHY, How damaging it is? lol!

He laughed and took it still. Michel and another JW was smiling, because of all the magazines in our display, why that??? I didnt think about it, you see, hehe.

2.An old man stopped, looked at our magazines display, and asked to have a sit. We offered him our place, and he said, "it is tiring to walk now a days. I have to go to an office but I need to recuperate, as my legs hurts..."
We encouraged him to stay with us and discussed a bit. And later we adviced him,if he can, he just follow a beautiful blond to keep him going...
The old man really laugh, LOL

3.A beggar approached us and asked for some coins. He said he wanted to have some coffee to warm him. So a JW brother gave him one euro and the beggar said :"thanks, it can buy him a stick of cigarette!" The JW (brother) took back the coin from the beggar, LOL
The beggar curse us badly, calling us names! The brother still didnt gave back the 1€.
Eh , we dont encourage someone to smoke, you see, so to hear he will buy a stick of cigarette with our coin, hehe, its not possible! ! !

4.A tourist went out from a hotel and asked us :"where he can find a sex shop." Ngek!
Of all tourists spots in Nice, he wanted a sex shop!!! I wanted to tell him the direction (ever helpful me, hehe, as we always passed it by when going home) but Michel told him, sorry Sir, we are not supposed to encourage it... You may ask the information desk of the hotel...

Today, for four hours, we placed one book (family happiness) and 6 magazines for free...I am happy than staying home or go shopping...

to be continued...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Funny experiences as a Witness

Michel and I went to a dinner (just some pizza)with 7 French friends last night. We are all Jehovah's Witnesses. It was all fun, because we discussed(in french language) our experiences as a witness.I posted it all here in english for everyone to understand, hehe.
Here they are:

Me: (me first, ako bida eh, hehe) I rang the bell, and the lady answered :"just come up, third floor please." So I did. When me and a sister(co JW) were up, the lady said: "Oh I thought you are the taxi we are waiting...We are catching a flight back home to UK."
1. "I studied the Bible with an old lady. She likes it, happy to continue . After an hour, she told me, "I got to go, I got to go. You may come back tomorrow, because I got to go to my Church." When I asked her why she is eager to study the Bible with me then,if she had to go to her church? She said, "Oh because our priest told us to read our bible, and understand it."

2. I was assigned to introduce the speaker for the Public talk during our meeting. I did not know who will give the Public Talk, so I read the program of the week and when the time to announce it,I said:
"Good morning, brothers and sisters, we are now to present to you our Public Speaker for today, Brother Smiths, and his talk is entitled: The Beasts in the Book of Revelation...Brother Smiths shouted: "NOOOOoooo!" its not my talk... Mine is: "The End of the False Religion..."
I didnt know, they changed the speaker that day, LOL

3. "Me and a brother JW, rang the door bell. The man welcomed us. Introduce himself as the consul of Bulgaria! ! !"lol!
One never knows whom one meets eh? I wish I met a Prince, one day, hehe

4. "I was with a brother in England, and when we rang the doorbell, the gate opened and here comes a Labrador (puppy) running to get out, while the Master screamed: "Stop my dog, stop my dog!" The brother , fall into the ground while grabbing the dog(in his coat and tie, lol) and the owner was happy and lets us in and even served us some hot tea, LOL

5. "I am always late to go to our meeting (mass) at 5:30 pm Saturday because of work. When I arrived, the meeting started already and public talk is about Satan, the devil. I was walking towards the front row,to find a seat, when the brother giving the talk said: "Remember, my brothers and sisters, Satan is always everywhere like a roving lion ready to devour us. And think of it, like he just arrived, now, in the middle of the room..."
The talk seems pointed at her, LOL we end up laughing in tears, lol

more true anecdotes tomorrow...