Friday, February 26, 2010

our tongue

weekly bread.

The tongue , not one of mankind can get it tamed, James 3:8

In addition to the above,James reminds us,
"We all stumble many times.If anyone does not stumble in words,this one is a prefect man, able to bridle also his own body."

None of us are perfect, despite of our best intentions, therefore, our speech sometimes do not build each others up and does not praise our Creator.
So then we must pay attention on what we say.

Jesus mentioned in his teachings, that our words when we speak will declare us righteous, or we will be condemned.(Mat 12;36,37)

Yes, our True God holds us accountable for our words.

One way to avoid harmful speech is to develop in engaging spiritual conversations, encouraging and pleasant to the ears.

It must be different from "tickling" someone's ears to get an advantage.
It is an honest conversations that is keeping the soul alive and encouraging one another without looking for any hidden agenda.

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