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is birth contol pills bàd?

WHAT do you think?
Is it wrong for married people to use contraception?

Your answer may well depend on your religious convictions.

The Catholic Church teaches that every action designed to impede procreation “is intrinsically evil.”

Catholic dogma promotes the idea that each act of sexual intercourse between marriage mates must remain open to pregnancy. For the Catholic Church, then, contraception is “morally unacceptable.”

Hence, married couples may decide for themselves whether they will raise a family, how many children they will have, and when they will have them.

The Scriptures, likewise, do not condemn birth control. From a Biblical point of view, then, whether a husband and wife choose to use some nonabortive method of contraception is really a personal decision.

Why, though, does the Catholic Church condemn contraception?

So if a couple should decide to exclude the possibility of a pregnancy by using some form of contraception, that is their choice to make, and no one should judge them.—Romans 14:4, 10-13.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Six Keys to Personal Success

The reasoning behind this position is not philosophical but Biblical. It was based, on divine wisdom, not on human wisdom.

Good day to all, again im updating this blog. In times of my spiritually weaknesses or stress, i visited Jehovah's Witnesses website. And here it helps me before I get silly, I find really refreshing:
It did to me, so im sure it will to you.


TRUE SUCCEES is the achievement of the very best way of life, one that results from the application of God’s standards and that harmonizes with his purpose for us.

A person who leads such a life, the Bible says, will “become like a tree planted by streams of water, that gives its own fruit in its season and the foliage of which does not wither, and everything he does will succeed.”—Psalm 1:3.

read the rest here:

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I know I lead a better relationship with God, when I was baptized as a Witness of Jehovah in Marseille France ten years ago, to be exact Oct 30 1999.
If not studying the Bible with them, im still do not know where I stand, do not have courage to deal critical times and do not know where to go when under pressured;

(than my old religion)

6 things that marks a Jehovah's Witness

have real love among themselves. (John 13:34, 35)
have deep respect for the Bible.
gives honor to God's name. (Matthew 6:9)
preach about God's Kingdom.
no part of this wicked world. (John 17:16)
we do not get involved in the world's political affairs and social controversies.

Pls check with your bible these:

Beliefs AND its Scriptural Reason

Bible is God's Word and is truth 2 Tim. 3:16, 17; 2 Pet. 1:20, 21; John 17:17

Bible is more reliable than tradition Matt. 15:3; Col. 2:8

God's name is Jehovah Ps. 83:18; Isa. 26:4; 42:8, Ex. 6:3

Christ is God's Son and is inferior to Him Matt. 3:17; John 8:42; 14:28; 20:17; 1 Cor. 11:3; 15:28

Christ was first of God's creations Col. 1:15; Rev. 3:14

Christ died on a stake, not a cross Gal. 3:13; Acts 5:30

Christ's human life was paid as a ransom for obedient humans Matt. 20:28; 1 Tim. 2:5, 6; 1 Pet. 2:24

Christ's one sacrifice was sufficient Rom. 6:10; Heb. 9:25-28

Christ was raised from the dead as an immortal spirit person 1 Pet. 3:18; Rom. 6:9; Rev. 1:17, 18

Christ's presence is in spirit John 14:19; Matt. 24:3; 2 Cor. 5:16; Ps. 110:1, 2

We are now in the 'time of the end' Matt. 24:3-14; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Luke 17:26-30

Kingdom under Christ will rule earth in righteousness and peace Isa. 9:6, 7; 11:1-5; Dan. 7:13, 14; Matt. 6:10

Kingdom will bring ideal living conditions to earth Ps. 72:1-4; Rev. 7:9, 10, 13-17; 21:3, 4

Earth will never be destroyed or depopulated Eccl. 1:4; Isa. 45:18; Ps. 78:69

God will eliminate present system of things in the battle at Har-Magedon Rev. 16:14, 16; Zeph. 3:8; Dan. 2:44; Isa. 34:2; 55:10, 11

Wicked will be eternally destroyed Matt. 25:41-46; 2 Thess. 1:6-9

People God approves will receive everlasting life John 3:16; 10:27, 28; 17:3; Mark 10:29, 30

There is only one road to life Matt. 7:13, 14; Eph. 4:4, 5

Human death is due to Adam's sin Rom. 5:12; 6:23

The human soul ceases to exist at death Ezek. 18:4; Eccl. 9:10; Ps. 6:5; 146:4; John 11:11-14

Hell is mankind's common grave Job 14:13, Dy; Rev. 20:13, 14, AV (margin)

Hope for dead is resurrection 1 Cor. 15:20-22; John 5:28, 29; 11:25, 26

Adamic death will cease 1 Cor. 15:26, 54; Rev. 21:4; Isa. 25:8

Only a little flock of 144,000 go to heaven and rule with Christ Luke 12:32; Rev. 14:1, 3; 1 Cor. 15:40-53; Rev. 5:9, 10

The 144,000 are born again as spiritual sons of God 1 Pet. 1:23; John 3:3; Rev. 7:3, 4

New covenant is made with spiritual Israel Jer. 31:31; Heb. 8:10-13

Christ's congregation is built upon himself Eph. 2:20; Isa. 28:16; Matt. 21:42

Prayers are to be directed only to Jehovah through Christ John 14:6, 13, 14; 1 Tim. 2:5

Images should not be used in worship Ex. 20:4, 5; Lev. 26:1; 1 Cor. 10:14; Ps. 115:4-8

Spiritism must be shunned Deut. 18:10-12; Gal. 5:19-21; Lev. 19:31

Satan is invisible ruler of world 1 John 5:19; 2 Cor. 4:4; John 12:31

A Christian ought to have no part in interfaith movements 2 Cor. 6:14-17; 11:13-15; Gal. 5:9; Deut. 7:1-5

A Christian should keep separate from world Jas. 4:4; 1 John 2:15; John 15:19; 17:16

Obey human laws that do not conflict with God's laws Matt. 22:20, 21; 1 Pet. 2:12; 4:15

Taking blood into body through mouth or veins violates God's laws Gen. 9:3, 4; Lev. 17:14; Acts 15:28, 29

Bible's laws on morals must be obeyed 1 Cor. 6:9, 10; Heb. 13:4; 1 Tim. 3:2; Prov. 5:1-23

Sabbath observance was given only to Israel and ended with Mosaic Law Deut. 5:15; Ex. 31:13; Rom. 10:4; Gal. 4:9, 10; Col. 2:16, 17

A clergy class and special titles are improper Matt. 23:8-12; 20:25-27; Job 32:21, 22

Man did not evolve but was created Isa. 45:12; Gen. 1:27; Matt. 19:4

Christ set example that must be followed in serving God 1 Pet. 2:21; Heb. 10:7; John 4:34; 6:38

Baptism by complete immersion symbolizes dedication Mark 1:9, 10; John 3:23; Acts 19:4, 5

Christians gladly give public testimony to Scriptural truth Rom. 10:10; Heb. 13:15; Isa. 43:10-12

I made this truth my own, and I never will leave it.
Once there was a lady who cannot leave Virgin Mary BECAUSE FOR HER SHE IS LIKE A MOTHER, so she said:
" I always pray for her to save me."
Michel my husband told her politely:

Jesus Christ didnt asked us to pray to the Mother but we must pray to Our Father direct, dont you think?
But you do what you like, as we all carry our own load before our God.
She told Michel, I like your style, direct and correct.

(Only a Jehovahs Witnesses can go direct and correct.)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

joke time

A Catholic priest has a number of hens and one rooster. One Saturday he
goes into the coop to get some eggs, and can't find the rooster. This
bothers him because he knows that some people in the community engage in
cock fighting and may have stolen the cock.

The priest figures he can find the culprit at church the next day. On
Sunday, he gets up in the pulpit and says, "All of you who have a cock,
stand up!"

"No, no!" says the priest, "I mean all of you who have seen a cock,
please stand up."
"No, no!" says the priest, "I mean, all of you who have seen a cock that
doesn't belong to you, stand up."

"No! You still don't understand. All of you who have seen my cock, stand

Saturday, June 06, 2009

flee from fornication

weekly bread.

in this final days the lives of many revolves around sex. Paul graphically described such ones as "having come to be past all moral sense.
many have given themselves to loose conduct,to work uncleanness,of every sort of greediness.
Pornography,pre marital sex, abuse of children and homosexuality are common place.
In Noah's days,God sent the great Deluge,and brought an end to that sex crazed world.

We must never lose sight to the fact that these days are truly just as the days of Noah were.
The upcoming great tribulation will clear the earth of fornicators, adulterers,men kept for un natural purposes and men who lie with men.

How urgent it is that we cultivate hatred for what is bad.
And stay clear of circumastances that could lead to immorality.

Scriptures to refer : Mat 24:21, 1cor 6:9,10 Rev 21:8 Psalms 97:10 Ephesians 4:19

Hope you have a good weekend ahead.
One already subscribed this site, hope to find more as this site is giving free practical living using the daily scriptures.
if you h ave questions, pleàse do àsk me.
Bon weekend!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why we celebrate Passover every year and not every mass like the Catholic

When should the Memorial be observed?

The answer becomes clear when we remember that Jesus chose a particular date to institute this celebration—the Passover. God’s people had annually been observing that date, Nisan 14 on their calendar, for over 1,500 years in order to commemorate a remarkable salvation that Jehovah performed for his people. Clearly,Jesus was directing his followers to use the same date to commemorate the far greater act of salvation that God would make possible through the death of Christ. Jesus’ true followers thus attend the Lord’s Evening Meal every year on the date corresponding to Nisan 14 on the Hebrew calendar.

The purpose?

The Purpose of the Lord’s Evening Meal

Jesus concluded the first observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal with these words: “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) The observance does indeed help us to remember Jesus and the wonderful things accomplished by his death. It reminds us that Jesus upheld the sovereignty of his Father, Jehovah. It also reminds us that by means of his death as a perfect, sinless human, Jesus gave “his soul a ransom in exchange for many.” The ransom makes it possible for any who would exercise faith in his sacrifice to be freed from sin and to attain to everlasting life.—Matthew 20:28.

The ceremony is also called the Lord’s Supper, the breaking of the bread, the Eucharistic assembly, the Holy Sacrifice, the Holy and Divine Liturgy, Communion, and Holy Mass. The word “Eucharist” is derived from the Greek eu·kha·ri·sti´a, which means gratitude, thankfulness, or thanksgiving.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Have you shown yourself discouraged in times of distress?
Your power will be scanty.

Satan promotes a lie that we are worhtless in God's eyes.If we are thrown down and becomes convinced that God does not care about us,we might be tempted to give up.

That is what the great Deceiver wants!

How , then can we guard against being deceived by this satanic lie?
Personally take to heart what the Bible says about God's Love for us.

God's words uses some word pictures to assures us that He notices us and loves us as individuals.

" He put our tears in his "skin bottle" meaning he sees and remembers the tears in our struggle to remain faithful."

"He knows when we are "broken at heart".

"He know even the numbers of "the very hairs of our head".

Above all,GOD GAVE US HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON in our behalf...

References: Prov 24:10,Ps 58:8,Ps 34:18,Matt 10:29-31, John 3:16,Gal 2:20

Thursday, April 02, 2009

gossips ,how to endure ?

Are you a victim of gossips?

why there are gossipers and learn your best defense:

click here

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God is Watching

If errors were what you watch, Oh Jah, Oh my God, who could stand? Psalms 130:3

People differ by nature.Some are easily ruled by emotions,others are not.
Some are comparatively easy to control themselves,self control posing no problem.
Others have more difficulty.
Yet, remember a struggling person,is not a bad person.Some needs our compassion and understanding.Our happiness is involved as we continue to show mercy to those struggling to increase their display of self control.We can see that from Jesus' words in Mat 5:7 that says, do not misjudge the person who may in some occasion fail to demonstrate a true Christian personality.

How encouraging it is that God who is watching us constantly, do not view us like humans does.
Or else, who could stand?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Power of Not Understanding.

Ignorance is bliss?

Several centuries ago, the Pope decreed that all the Jews had to convert to Catholicism or leave Italy . There was a huge outcry from the Jewish community, so the Pope offered a deal. He'd have a religious debate with the leader of the Jewish community. If the Jews won, they could stay in Italy ; if the Pope won, they'd have to convert or leave.

The Jewish people met and picked an aged and wise rabbi to represent them in the debate. However, as the rabbi spoke no Italian, and the Pope spoke no Yiddish, they agreed that it would be a 'silent' debate.

On the chosen day the Pope and rabbi sat opposite each other.

The Pope raised his hand and showed three fingers.

The rabbi looked back and raised one finger.

Next, the Pope waved his finger around his head.

The rabbi pointed to the ground where he sat.

The Pope brought out a communion wafer and a chalice of wine.

The rabbi pulled out an apple.

With that, the Pope stood up and declared himself beaten and said
That the rabbi was too clever. The Jews could stay in Italy !!!

Later the cardinals met with the Pope and asked him what had happened.

The Pope said, 'First I held up three fingers to represent the Trinity. He responded by holding up a single finger to remind me there is still only one God common to both our beliefs.

'Then, I waved my finger around my head to show him that God was all around us. He responded by pointing to the ground to show that God was also right here with us.

'I pulled out the wine and wafer to show that God absolves us of all our sins.
He pulled out an apple to remind me of the original sin.

'He beats me at every move and I could not continue.'

Meanwhile, the Jewish community gathered to ask the rabbi how he'd won.
'I haven't a clue' the rabbi said. 'First, he told me that we had three days to get out of Italy, so I gave him the finger.

'Then he tells me that the whole country would be cleared of Jews and I told him that we were staying right here.'

'And then what?' asked a woman.

'Who knows?' said the rabbi. 'He took out his lunch so I took out mine.'

Friday, January 02, 2009

Speaking thoughtlessly?

There exists the one speaking thoughtlessly,as with the stabs of a sword,
But the tongue of the wise ones is a healing.Proverbs 12:18

Human speech is a secret,it is a divine gift,a miracle.So wrote by a lexicographer, Ludwig Koehler.

Perhaps we take this precious gift of God for granted.But consider how great a treasure is lost when a stroke robs a loveone the ability to utter intelligent speech.

Conversations can cement friendships, heals misunderstanding,uplift the downhearted,strengthen faith and enrich lives- but never automatically.

Being a Jehovah's witness,and servant,I rather choose my conversations to heal and build up,rather than hurt and tear down.

We also desire to use our tongue to praise our God,both in our public ministry and in our public conversations through our conduct.

Are we struggling to control a quick temper?
Are we finding it difficult to guard our tongue?
Do we have have a tendency towards unwholesome entertainments?
Then we have to sort out the answers in the Bible and overcome such weakness.

If you have your Bible with you, please search the following verse;
Proverbs 14:17,Ephesians 4:29,31 and Ephesians 5:3 also Colossians 3:5

Choosing our associations that builds us up is also helpful.

We must maintain our dignity and self respect as true christians by our speech.
And by our pleasing conduct.
It is always rewarding to be cheerful.