Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mothers Too Soon

in exchange of Butler stories, I created this blog. Topics are all useful in everyday life.
topic today: Mothers Too Soon
“My boyfriend was a cute guy. He had money, and we could go places and have fun. When I missed my period, I realized something was wrong. How was I to tell my mom? How could this happen to me? I was only 16 years old, and I didn’t know what to do.”—Nicole.

TODAY Nicole,* in her mid-30’s, is a confident, energetic mother of three. Her oldest child is 20 years of age. Yes, years ago she was one among millions of unmarried pregnant teens. Like other teenage mothers, she found herself lost in a morass of formidable challenges, tough decisions, and uncertain prospects.

Nicole does not often talk about the shock, the denial, the fear, the anger, and the despair that marked her late teenage years—a time when her peers worried about their clothes and school grades. Nevertheless, Nicole’s situation was not hopeless. She came from a loving family that had tried to instill high moral principles in her. Although for a while she chose to disregard those principles—and paid the consequences—later on, those same values led her to a productive and meaningful life. “Not all hope is lost” became her motto.

Unfortunately, not every teenage mother has a supportive family—or such an optimistic outlook. Many quickly find themselves trapped in a seemingly hopeless state of poverty. Some must deal with the emotional aftermath of rape and violence.

None of this bodes well for the children of teen mothers. Says the book Teen Moms—The Pain and the Promise, babies of teen mothers “tend to have lower birthweight, more childhood illnesses, more infant mortality, poorer medical care, suffer more from hunger and malnourishment; they are exposed to more violence, and have more delayed development than children born to older mothers.” Indeed, daughters of teen mothers are more likely to become teen moms themselves than are children born to older mothers.

How widespread is teen pregnancy? How can teenage mothers successfully face the challenges of raising their infants? Is there any way to help young ones avoid falling into such dire straits in the first place?

I am studying the bible since March(2006) with a filipina whom she is not a teenage mom but she got pregnant by another filipino who is already married. When she got pregnant, the man left her. The baby (a girl) is now one year old, with only one parent, her mother.
I was attached to this mother and child. They are helpless, living in an apartment whom she manage to pay from small salary, from her menial work like baby sitting, cleaning , all around house work, with her baby tagging along with her. She is not in a good condition,financially, and I met her when she was going to do her laundry at a public laundry machine. We started the study.

Hopefully,in the future, she will be strong emotionally with the encouraging words from God.
That man cannot live by bread alone, but by the word that comes from God.Meaning, she will build her confidence, that she is not alone, she have God Jehovah and His Son watching , blessing and protecting her and her daughter.
I helped her build up her faith.


KK said...

Hi Madame,

I noticed that you don't put your sources, you have to put your source. You have to put quotation marks plus source IF you are not the one who wrote the article. You can be sued for copy right infridgement specially because it's in a public blog.

Francesca said...

Thanks for the concern, but dont worry, I am allowed and even under obligation , LOL, to publish these as these are not for business purposes , but for giving healthy ideas to all readers for free.

FOR FREE.Good eh?

I am not making business out of this, so the source is happy!!!