Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wrong Picture

Jehovah God is righteous in all his ways.—Ps. 145:17.

Has someone ever drawn the wrong conclusion about you, perhaps questioning your actions or motives, without having all the facts? If so, you likely felt hurt—and understandably so. From this, we can learn an important lesson: It is wise to avoid jumping to conclusions when we do not have the whole picture. We do well to keep this lesson in mind when it comes to reaching conclusions about Jehovah God. Why is that? Because there are certain Bible accounts that may at first seem puzzling. These accounts—perhaps about the actions of some of God’s worshipers or God’s past judgments—may not contain enough details to answer all our questions. Sadly, some take exception to such accounts, even questioning whether God is righteous and just. Yet, his Word assures us that he “does not act wickedly.” (Job 34:12; Ps. 37:28) Imagine, then, how he must feel when others draw wrong conclusions about him!

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