Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God is Watching

If errors were what you watch, Oh Jah, Oh my God, who could stand? Psalms 130:3

People differ by nature.Some are easily ruled by emotions,others are not.
Some are comparatively easy to control themselves,self control posing no problem.
Others have more difficulty.
Yet, remember a struggling person,is not a bad person.Some needs our compassion and understanding.Our happiness is involved as we continue to show mercy to those struggling to increase their display of self control.We can see that from Jesus' words in Mat 5:7 that says, do not misjudge the person who may in some occasion fail to demonstrate a true Christian personality.

How encouraging it is that God who is watching us constantly, do not view us like humans does.
Or else, who could stand?

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Nebz said...


I'm touched by your post because it's one of my weaknesses: I can't see beyond the person. Sa akin, pag may nagawang masama ang isang tao, masama na kaagad ang tingin ko sa kanya to the point na I withhold giving him assistance. I know it's so un-Christ-like.

Kaya I constantly pray that God gives me an understanding heart. A heart that sees beyond. A Christ-like heart ba.