Saturday, September 12, 2009

is birth contol pills bàd?

WHAT do you think?
Is it wrong for married people to use contraception?

Your answer may well depend on your religious convictions.

The Catholic Church teaches that every action designed to impede procreation “is intrinsically evil.”

Catholic dogma promotes the idea that each act of sexual intercourse between marriage mates must remain open to pregnancy. For the Catholic Church, then, contraception is “morally unacceptable.”

Hence, married couples may decide for themselves whether they will raise a family, how many children they will have, and when they will have them.

The Scriptures, likewise, do not condemn birth control. From a Biblical point of view, then, whether a husband and wife choose to use some nonabortive method of contraception is really a personal decision.

Why, though, does the Catholic Church condemn contraception?

So if a couple should decide to exclude the possibility of a pregnancy by using some form of contraception, that is their choice to make, and no one should judge them.—Romans 14:4, 10-13.


lili said...

taking pills is not killing an embryo, it is only to control the conception.

This is eductional topic the Catholic Chruch should know and apply

Glampinoy said...

Well, well, well the debate will go and on unless there will be one church and one teaching for all...therefore the best that we can do is not to impose our belief on others.

Francesca said...

The best is to know if where the teachings came from,
doctrine of man?
Or doctrine of God in the Bible.
Each got the right to choose and take the consequences, good or bad.

or dont take contraception, have babies and let the govt feed them.
Or the church.

Herta said...

No pains, no gains..........................



Ayie said...

I've tried it but never liked the effect.

Pero if the issue is whether its right or wrong--we'll, God gave us the freedom to choose for ourselves.

Ramdam naman natin kung ano ang tama eh---lalo na kung hindi ka masaya. Diba?