Saturday, March 20, 2010


Do not show yourselves being heated up to evildoers.Do not get envious to those doing unrighteousness.

The seeming success of evildoers may prompt feelings of envy.
But will our getting upset improve the situation?
Does envy of the apparent advantages that the wicked enjoys alter the outcome for them?
Most definitely not!
And there is REALLY no need for us to be "heated up".
Why not?
The psalmist says:
For like grass, they will speedily withers, and like green new grass,they will fade away.

Green new grass may look pretty but soom they will shrivel and die.
Likewise with evildoers.Their apparent prosperity is not permanent.
When they die, their ill gotten wealth cannot help them.
Justice will finally catches up with everyone.
The wages sins pays is death.
Evildoers and all who are unrighteous will finally receive their "wages" and no more.
references: (Psalms 37:2, 35,36,49:16,17 Romans 6;23)
What a profitless life.


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