Sunday, September 11, 2011

the feathers flewn in the air

weekly bread.
An old jewish count,illustrated the consequences of bad gossips.

One day, a man told lies about a wise man in a village.Later he realize his errors and ask forgiveness from the wise man and promise to do all he can to clean the issue.
The wise man told him to get a pillow, tear it, and let all the feathers out in the air.
With out asking, the man did what he told and came back to the wise man what is next.
The wise man told him:

-First, collect all the feathers.
-But it is impossible. The wind took all the feathers!
-Then it is also impossible to repare all the bad gossips you did, likewise to gather the feathers in the wind.
What do we get from this story?
Once said, our words cannot be taken back.It is also difficult to repair the damage it caused.
If we try to gossips lies to everyone, once the damage is done, it is impossible to repair it like the feathers flewn to the wind.
Please, we must not start blah blah, even as a joke.

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