Tuesday, February 28, 2006

on divorce

Many have questions about divorce and how God views it. In some countries, like Sri Lanka and Philippines, there is no divorce.Many religion says, that it is bad to take divorce, stay married despite there's unfaithfullnes by our mate. But, really is it scriptural? Here's a question from a reader.

"The thing that bothered me a lot," admits Pat, "was the thought that God hates a divorcing.' Always in the back of my mind was the question, 'Am I doing what pleases God if I divorce my mate?'"

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Does God hates ALL divorce?

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Francesca said...

Even God himself divorce his alliance with the Israelites, his own People in Bible Times.

The Catholic do not allow divorce!

Isnt it a bit of a persecution, not allowing divorces in some countries, due to Catholic influence?

What do you think, girls?