Tuesday, February 28, 2006

same sex marriages

"DURING the church ceremony, the two men stand hand in hand before a renowned Episcopal bishop. They make a “covenant . . . before God and the church.” Clothed in ornate gold-and-white vestments, the bishop publicly blesses their union. Afterward the couple hug and kiss and are given a standing ovation. According to this bishop, such homosexual relationships “are holy and deserve to be blessed, . . . deserve to be called what they are: sacred.”"

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Does God approved of same sex marriages?

What do you think?


Chas Ravndal said...

well all i could say again that the Bible is written by men so meaning it also carries their prejudice and also other things in between. That's why i never take the Bible literally.

Francesca said...

I can understand you Chas, as you are not the only one that do not take the Bible as God's words.
And it is your personal opinion on the matter, I do respect.

I might say, you must have been put off by religion, thats why you think that way.

Many churches' worshippers are put off with their religion, because of poor teachings and hypocrisy by church leaders.

But it is not the fault of God, why His people goes astray away from Him. The responsibility is blamed to those supposed to be "ministers of God" as they claimed to be.They should teach people the way it should be.

Francesca said...

And church leaders must show good examples to the flock too.

I appreciate your comments on this topic. My blog is open to all, despite opinions varies.
as long as it is posts in a civil manners.
eh, you know, when it comes to religion, theres always pro and cons ideas. Normal.
See yah!

Chas Ravndal said...

I believed in God but sometimes when I read the Bible it gives me the impression that this kind of God is selfish, lacks compassion and doesnt even understand.Why can't they just preach about love regardless about race, gender, sexual orientations and such. The funny thing is, its not even consistent especially in between old and the new testament. Both are actually an oxymoron.

Francesca said...

Chas, many people ask God, why so much suffering. As we understand the context of the Bible, we understand that it is not God that does all the sufferings of mankind.There's a devil that provokes God and make the people suffer to go away from God. But if a person stays with God, despite the sufferings, a person proves Satan the devil a liar.Theres a war between good and bad on earth.
Despite we preach love, people still has no love to one another, bec Satan make them busy to run to succees and fame, forgetting love to one another. The contest of 'im the greatest' is Satans trap.God's way is to be Humble to him by prayer and be loving to one another.

I know despite of your personal situation, you still have Love for God. Some things are not easy to understand in the bible, but faith builds up.
The bible is His letter to us. It reminds us, even chastise us,stab our conscience, etc etc, because God loves his children. If he doesnt, he wouldnt care, he wold just let us go our own way with out His direction.

Thanks for the comment.
Im reading your blog and could sense,you are a good hearted person. All the best for you.

Francesca said...

this is an email from rye:
i post it here, bec he sent it to me, but not reflect here. Must be because he must click in evelope instead of comments box. Hope you dont mind , rye, i posted it here, your email is interesting not to be posted and be read by all.

Hello Francesca,

First of all, I find your blog to be an eye-opener, very inspiring, intensely entertaining and most importantly refreshingly honest.

I´d like to put in my 2cents about the topic. Let me start by saying that I am gay. And I run against the swishy stereotype. But that´s beside the point. I am obviously FOR gay marriage, and gay couples adopting children. I can think of many reasons, but I´ll limit them to 2 (I dont want to risk boring people reading my comment):

1. Marriage. We are not different from you. We laugh, suffer, exalt, despair... Yep, you got it: We go through the same round of emotions that everybody else does. Love is one of them, and if declaring one´s love and faithfulness to one person officially under the sacrament of marriage is a valid human emotion, then I see no problem with it.

2. Kids. I´d like to believe that all families have certain amounts of dysfunction. And while I grew up in a solid, loving, and open minded family, I´d be lying to myself if I claimed my family was ideal. But what´s important here is that my Mum and Dad taught me good manners, and solid family values. These are things I´m sure I´m capable of and definitely the same things I wouldn´t want to deprive my future kid from.

Francesca, thanks for opening this topic. And thanks for being very candid. You have a forum and a blog that is healthy, intelligent and addictive. Be safe and be healthy.

Btw, I am 28yo, Filipino, and happily committed to a Fil-Jap who is miles away at the moment. I am likewise based in Madrid and presently work as a business consultant and I relate with you in so many levels

whenitrainsmysoulsings said...

hi francesca,

i've been a fan of your blogs and find your posts entertaining, and funny at times.

but honestly, I'm sort of disturbed upon reading this post of yours. I know I might hurt feelings of people, specialy from those of different sexual orientation. others might think I'm a bigot. but I will still say this anyway not because I'm perfect but because God thorough the leading of the Holy Spirit compels me to do so.

people have love for God. that may be true. but people should not love Him the way they want it to be but how HE WANTS it to be. that entails following His will. He gave the bible, His promises through this book. it's not only a book that impose strict and "cold-blooded" rules as some would see it but it's book that will lead people to the the understanding of who God is and His immense love for His creation, US.

if people will just turn to God and not on their own understanding... they will not jump into assumptions and conclusions which will make their lives complicated and sinful... yes, sinful. because it's not God's will for both sexes to be married. It's not His divine design.

*sigh*...the bible is the living word of God... what's the sense if you follow some and yet disregard the other commandments?

*sigh again...*

just a simple point, God's commandment is not a request, nor a favor.. it is a Command which is ought to be followed... and when you read in psalms you'll see so may verses there that pertain to the blessing people will have once they follow God's path...

a blessed day to all of us...

iceski - dubai,uae