Sunday, March 05, 2006

Betrayal , what to do?

Have you been betrayed by husband or wife? How does it feel?
This topic is in line also with the blog post of Marie

A sad experience explains:

"When there is infidelity, "then a flood of confusing emotions rain down." The sense of devastation is difficult enough for victims to comprehend—let alone outsiders, who have little grasp of the situation. "No one," claims Pat, "really understands how I feel. When I think about my husband being with her, I feel a real physical pain, an ache that is impossible to explain to anyone." She adds: "There are times that I think I'm going crazy. One day I feel so in control; the next day I don't. One day I miss him; the next day I remember all the scheming and lying and humiliation."

I, your Lola was in that situation before. The first infidelity of my first husband took 5 years for me to understand and swallow. I blame myself for not taking care of him, even though I know I didnt lack of care towards him. Then I survived the pain. You will too, if you are in the same situation.

please read the whole context of the link, it helps us all cope the pain.

Infidelity, its tragic effects


Marie said...

Hi francesa! congrats! this site of yours is very enlightening to share to. Keep up this blog, galeng mo!

Francesca said...

thanks marie, and those who likes wholesome topic useful ofr everyday life, visit this blog. It will not change your religion if you got one, it will add your knowledge about God, His purpose and what can one benefit on His words.Hope you visit often.