Thursday, March 02, 2006

Church Donations

Giving donations to the Chuch, is it offensive ?
Read(by clicking the two links) the answers

Giving Until it Hurts

Giving that Brings Joy

Source: The Watchtower Library


Randy S Furco said...

Very nteresting articles.

God always is willing to give us back more than we give to His work.

Just surfing christian blogs. Keep up the good work.

Randy S Furco said...

Hello again,

Here are some audio clips you may enjoy. They change each week, at least they usually do.

Very good teachings on the princables on operating in The Kingdom of Heaven and your walk with Christ.

Francesca said...

can I ask if your church allows smoking , as it mentioned in history of your organisation, that they bought fire detectors. Or is it for in case of fire

Randy S Furco said...

They brought all those fore detectors for the poor in the inner-city.

We had many fires that caused death in this area that year and most would have been prevented if smoke detectors were working.

So the church teamed up with others and installed smoke detectors in many homes in the poor section of the city.

As far as allowing smoking. The Holy Spirit leads a person to give up things that are sinful or not good for the christian walk.

We all have issues we fight, easily bessetting sins we deal with. Jesus frees us from them all when we turn them over to Him.

Personally I quit smoking 2 years ago. Everytime I would light up, I would say "In Jesus name, I am free fom this addiction".

Faith was born in my heart and I quit.

Francesca said...

bravo, randy. My husband is a smoker also for ten years. After he studied the Bible, a year before he wants to be a witness, he stopped. Until now, he is 65 years old, but still can kick a horse! biro lang!
basta si Lolo Michel, matibay pa tuhod, kasi iwas bisyo na siya.